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3 Ways to Join

Building the kingdom happens in community

We partner with like-minded people, local churches, and community partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus

Give Life to Your Story

Mentor and Introduce kids to Jesus at pivotal moments

Join our movement of volunteers who are passionate about introducing 11-19 year-olds to Jesus through our Juvenile Justice and Parent Life Ministries. We’re not looking for perfect people or superstars; just those who are willing to listen well, to be themselves, and to be present in a young person’s life.

Building the Kingdom

We partner with the local church and other organizations

A healthy, sustainable ministry to teens in tough situations works to connect young people with their community. We partner with pastors, church leaders, family courts, non-profits, business owners, and more - joining arms with like-minded organizations that want to reach and uplift young people. Connect with us to discover how you can partner with us.

Support Through Prayer

We believe in the power of intentional prayer

Every time our staff or leaders meet with a group of young people - either through a program in a local detention center, or at a Parent Life Night - we take time to pray with them. Teens are given the opportunity to fill out a prayer card. We post these requests online and ask our volunteer leaders, partner churches and prayer teams to intercede on behalf of these teens and their requests.

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