June 1, 2023


We met Trey during our Sunday afternoon chapel services at a local juvenile detention center. When Trey entered the room he sat in the back, slumped down in his chair. He didn’t make eye contact and seemed skeptical of us. When the rest of the teens wrote their prayers out on notecards, Trey chose not to write anything.

But after a few weeks, Trey started sitting in a chair closer to Willie and Nathan, our Juvenile Justice leaders. He started to look up at them and even asked questions.

One week, our team shared from Luke 13:29, “People will come from east and west and north and south, and will take their places at the feast in the kingdom of God.” Trey’s face lit up. After the chapel service, he approached us and said he wanted an invitation to the table of the feast. That day he gave his life to the Lord.

The next week, as we walked through the visitation room, we overhead Trey telling his family about his decision to follow Christ. His face was shining, and his voice was animated. What a privilege to be used by God for such an important decision in his life. And what a transformation!

We are overjoyed about Trey’s decision and look forward to building a discipling relationship with Trey. And, we know that Trey’s story does not end in detention. When he is released back into his community, he will face some of the same temptations and bad habits that got him in trouble.

Our goal this year is to grow our aftercare mentoring and discipleship ministry to create a safe space for kids like Trey to grow in their faith. Want to join us? We need both volunteer leaders and giving partners that will help us in this journey.